About Us

Craig Pottinger

Craig joined NewarkNet in 2008.  Longtime friend and Newark school classmate of Anthony Magliari, Craig was asked to join NewarkNet at the time Ryan was leaving.  Craig is a certified residential and commercial electrician, owner of CKC custom homes, and an all around handyman with prior experience working for AT&T (SBC).  Craig quickly turned NewarkNet from a small side project of Ryan and Anthony's to a real professional endeavor. He redid all wiring, equipment, towers and even eventually upgraded the equipment on every customer's home and business.

Craig resides in Millbrook and together with his wife Sarah Pottinger raise their two daughters: Sadie and Cayla .

 In 2012 Craig became a Ubiquiti airMAX Certified Admin.  Craig is the engine of NewarkNet.

Anthony Magliari

Anthony started NewarkNet with Ryan Whalen in 2002, mostly out of frustration of the lack of high-speed internet options available to him, at the time, when he was in the area visiting family.  He helped start NewarkNet to provide respectable internet access to those in and around his hometown of Newark, IL.  After Craig took the main leadership role in 2008, Anthony stayed on to help Craig learn the ropes, design the network expansions Craig had in mind and help support customers.  In 2009 Anthony had a motor vehicle accident that prevents him from climbing towers or onto customer's roofs but he still helps support the network and it's customers, only now from the ground.

Anthony lives in Newark and enjoys being near family and working with Craig on NewarkNet.

 In 2012 Anthony also became a Ubiquity airMAX Certified Admin.

Tom Hornof

Tom joined NewarkNet in 2019.  He  has worked in the carpenter/trades business for several years.   His skills and great customer service quality have helped grow NewarkNet.

Tom resides in Mazon and together with his partner Lindsey raise their four sons:   Ian, Liam, Gavin and Riley

Beth Zimmerlein

Beth joined NewarkNet in 2019.   She learned the Internet business very quickly and now supports NewarkNet through the office by helping Tom in the field and customer support.

Beth resides in Sheridan and together with her husband Chris raise their two children: Emily and Mason.

Ryan Whalen

In 2002 Ryan had the idea that all his friends could have their computers running on the same network if he put a WiFi Access point on the highest point in Newark, the top of the grain elevator.  If all his friends put antennas on their houses they could all play computer games and share files.  Anthony thought that was a great idea, but thought it would be even more useful to provide internet access to the community as well.  For the next five years Anthony and Ryan (along with help from Anthony's brother, Joe and Ryan's dad, Jerry) worked to provide a quality high speed ISP they could be proud of.  Ryan was doing all this while attending Purdue University full time. In 2008 when he was getting married to his beautiful wife Stephanie and moving to Detroit to be a Network Security expert for Ford, Ryan had no time left to dedicate to Newarknet.  Newaknet owes a special debt of gratitude to Ryan and Jerry Whalen, because without them there would certainly never have been a NewarkNet.