New Customer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for New Customers

Do I need to buy your router or can I use my own?

You do not need to buy our router and are welcome to use your own. However, be aware we deliver internet access to your home, not throughout your home. If you elect to use your own router our ability to help troubleshoot any problem you experience is more limited. We ask that if you use your own router to have another device like a desktop computer or older laptop with an Ethernet port that you can use to help troubleshoot. If you provide your own router and tell us you are having a problem, we will ask you to power off your router and plug a single computer directly into our service with an Ethernet cable as a troubleshooting step.

If get a lower speed package (bandwidth) can I upgrade it later if I decide I need more?

Yes, as long as the higher service level is available in your area, and your currently installed antenna system supports the level you want, you can get upgraded at any time and just pay the difference for the remainder of your current term.