How Much Speed Do I Need?

There is a lot of confusion out there about internet speeds. And while you would think more is always better, if you see another wireless ISP competitor offering higher speeds that seem amazing, you should ask yourself: "What's the Catch?"

That catch is almost always: other wireless ISPs charge extra fees for using "too much" data per month, but also look for unnecessary equipment rental fees and/or long two year service contracts.

So how much speed do you need?

Video streaming is the most popular high bandwidth activity on the internet, and Netflix is the most popular video steaming service. So, lets look at how much speed Netflix requires to stream video at their different quality and resolution levels in Mbps (Megabits per second, the speed internet access is sold in) and how much data is transferred per hour in GB (Gigabytes, the unit recorded by many ISPs to charge additional monthly fees) at each quality level.

So, all NewarkNet customers can steam Netflix in High Definition 720p (up to 3Mbps service). And our "Residential Plus" customers can steam in the highest quality 1080p "Super HD" (up to 6Mpbs service). Or multiple people in the household can view Netflix at the same time and still get standard definition or DVD quality or higher depending on the speed you purchase.

Now, notice the GB per hour used. Large wireless carriers often sell internet in packages 2GB - 10GB per month and can charge $15 per GB overage(Verizon), while other local WirelessISP competitors will still charge $2 per 10GB used after reaching your limit (T6).

Other wireless carriers who look like they offer more speed for the price may not really be a better deal. Because Netflix HD streams only need 3Mbps and their highest quality 1080p stream needs slightly less than 6Mbps. With NewarkNet you can watch Netflix in HD as much as you like without ever having to worry about getting a higher bill for that month. With other ISPs 1080p Netflix SuperHD will look no better, but could end up costing you a lot more depending on how much you watch. NewarkNet never charges more depending on how much you use it.

Don't be fooled into buying higher speed service than you'll actually use, it could end up costing you more -- for nothing.